Have Doctors Ever Used Moonshine For Medical Applications?

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Moonshine is a spirit that is among the highest proof alcohols on the market. For a long time, moonshine was banned from many states due to the fact that its high alcohol content was seen as being dangerous for people to consume. However, even when moonshine was banned for drinking, the fact remains that people were still able to find a number of uses for it. Today, moonshine is legal but is still quite difficult to find most of the time. With its proof often topping 100 or more, it is definitely an alcohol that Read more…

Highest Historic Alcohol Level Recorded In Distilled Moonshine?

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Moonshine is often either made as a first-time novelty by those wanting to relive a bit of history, or it is made by the more commercial style of moonshiner that sells the illegal product for profit. Repeated distillation ups the alcohol content, but the “hooch” being made for profit is unlikely to be repeatedly distilled except to remove some toxic impurities left behind after the first distillation.

There is no way to tell by looking at moonshine what the alcohol content by volume (ABV) is. Some may be 75 percent (150 proof) or as high as 95 percent (190 proof). Small production run Read more…

10 Common Nicknames For Moonshine Used In Literature

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Moonshine is a word familiar in movies, literature and television. There are people who do not believe it is real. It is in fact, very real. The most basic definition of moonshine is homemade high-proof alcohol. It has been made in America for over 200 years; it has also been illegal for over 200 years. It has been featured in much of America’s literature for that time. Since moonshine goes by different names, here are ten that are commonly found in literature:

Moonshine is so named because the product is Read more…

Moonshine Distribution Laws In The U.S. And Worldwide

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Moonshine, any liquor distilled in an illegal still, has a long history both in the United States and worldwide. In some states like Idaho, Nebraska, and Tennessee, the production of liquor in home stills is legal, but they must be registered. These alcohol producers will often still refer to the liquor as moonshine. According to some moonshine traditionalists, if the liquor was produced legally, it cannot be referred to as moonshine.

Across the globe, there Read more…

Why Is Distilling And Distributing Moonshine Illegal?

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Making moonshine has been around since the early days of prohibition, when people were forced to make their own alcohol secretly to avoid getting sent to jail. With the repeal of the prohibition law it seems silly that being able to make your own is still outlawed while people can make beer and wine in their own garages.

So, why is it still illegal? The main reason is money. The US government makes ten times as much in tax revenue from a bottle of alcohol that is 80 proof or higher, than what they collect from beer or Read more…

What Are The Legal Issues Surrounding Moonshine Making?

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When it comes to making alcohol for sale or distribution, there are certain regulations manufacturers need to adhere to. The reason why it is illegal to sell or distribute homemade alcohol such as moonshine, is because it could potentially be hazardous to people’s health. There are regulations in place that specify manufacturing plants need to have sterilized equipment for the manufacturing of alcoholic beverages. The regulations also include testing by the food and drug administration to make sure the products do not contain harmful bacteria.

It is not illegal Read more…

History Of Moonshine Regulation In The United States

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One of the more colorful aspects of our country is the production of homemade whiskey at home. Moonshine, also known as White Lighting, is a high proof whiskey that is made at home in an unlicensed still. This home brewing has been around for ages. The popularity of home brewing rose significantly after the end of the American revolutionary war. The newly formed American government was just forming and needed income. One solution was enact a federal tax on distilled sprints. This was not a Read more…

The Dangers Of Making And Consuming Homemade Moonshine

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There are many dangers to that strong alcohol that you know as moonshine. Not only is it harmful to make, but it can be harmful to ingest as well. You should think about some of the dangers associated with moonshine before you make or ingest it. Making moonshine is a process, and throughout this process there are a lot of things that cause harm such as the toxins from making it, the illegal aspect of making it, and the way that it is distilled can be harmful to be around if something is not done just right. This can cause health problems and burns to the skin due to the glycerol that is used to make the moonshine. Ingesting moonshine can be dangerous to your health due to the fact that it is a very potent alcohol that gives off a lot of harmful effects. Not only does it make the person feel drunk in a quicker amount of time, this means the liver is not able to function properly and get the toxins out of the body at a normal rate. This causes kidney and liver problems. Drinking it can also cause heart problems due to the body’s reaction to drinking it, directtelevisionpackages.com, and causes the heart rate to slow or race depending on the individual person.