The Dangers Of Making And Consuming Homemade Moonshine

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There are many dangers to that strong alcohol that you know as moonshine. Not only is it harmful to make, but it can be harmful to ingest as well. You should think about some of the dangers associated with moonshine before you make or ingest it. Making moonshine is a process, and throughout this process there are a lot of things that cause harm such as the toxins from making it, the illegal aspect of making it, and the way that it is distilled can be harmful to be around if something is not done just right. This can cause health problems and burns to the skin due to the glycerol that is used to make the moonshine. Ingesting moonshine can be dangerous to your health due to the fact that it is a very potent alcohol that gives off a lot of harmful effects. Not only does it make the person feel drunk in a quicker amount of time, this means the liver is not able to function properly and get the toxins out of the body at a normal rate. This causes kidney and liver problems. Drinking it can also cause heart problems due to the body’s reaction to drinking it,, and causes the heart rate to slow or race depending on the individual person.

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